Monday, February 9, 2009

If this picture doesn't melt your heart, then you obviously don't have one.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The flighty....Ever elusive.....LOS OSOS! (cue sexy flamenco music)

When asked over the course of the past few years whether we would join our friends to live in the sweet hamlet of Los Osos I would tilt back my head in a proud and assured way and say "Ha! Me?! I live in downtown San Luis Obispo!". No I wouldn't be so pretentious, but it's how I've felt. Living in San Luis has become a bit of an identity for Sarah and me, so much so that the very thought of moving out to b.f.e. made us cringe. But now, here we are, desperately trying to find a house in this partially erected town. Really, who were the bunch of back ass ward cowboys that set up that place!? I guess most of them didn't think too much of street lamps and paved roads let alone making a road run all the way through from one end to another. But none the less, Sarah and I find ourselves drawn to this place. We love the way it feels like one of the silent, hidden northern California beach towns that we've grown to love during our travels up and down hwy 1 in between her brothers house in Half Moon Bay. I can't wait to start surfing again and go on hikes and maybe lose some weight! But this feisty bear-lady will have none of us! Twice our attempts to move out there have been thwarted. The first time, we found a cute house on Manzanita that was great but the owners were kinda weird ( not all that uncommon from what I've been led to belive). The second time we actually went through a property management group and were welcomed with open arms to a cute house on Woodland, until the home owner decided to put the house on the market....three weeks before we were suppose to move...really! now?! Why will this mercurial temptress have none of us?! ( Sarah didn't help me with grammar...I'm smart). Our haughty ways have turned her heart against us! She has seen where we come from and is jealous of our signs with the street names printed on them, the lights that illuminate roads, roads with a mysterious hard black surface, roads that aren't interrupted by a shanty house or another road randomly placed in its way...cell phone service. But we humble ourselves before you and ask that you open your gates to us, you great and terrible Los Osos!