Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Weekend with the Vampires

So I’m just going to fess up, like a big girl. Like the 33 year old mom and MA-degree (almost) holder that I am. I am a fan of the Twilight saga. Never. In. My. Life. have a series of books held me entranced such as these four novels. It’s embarrassing. I, mostly, admit this addiction with a bile taste in my mouth because of the throes of other Twilight fans out there. I don’t identify with most of them, majority of them being about 20 years my junior. Up until I actually started reading the books, I didn’t know anyone who I, um, admired who were fans of the books. Unbeknownst to me, there are, apparently, quite a few avid readers in my extended circle of friends who have also fallen for this fantasy world.
It all started last week when I rented Twilight the movie on a whim. It was late. We were running home from a day of errands. Jeremy stayed in the car with Hayvn while I ran in to pick out a movie quickly. We wanted something mindless. There was nothing, said for Twilight. It was the only movie that seemed nothing BUT mindless—a teenage love story with fangs. What’s there to think about? And then we watched it. “Er, um…I guess I see the allure…” we said to ourselves about 30 minutes in. That Edward guy is certainly freaky, though, I thought. And why doesn’t his actions repel instead of entice that Bella girl? But still. There was something familiar about that Edward guy—his thick hair, his strong jaw, his grey wardrobe…I felt like I knew him from somewhere. By the time Jeremy fell asleep and things started getting dicey for little Bella, I knew I was a goner. When Radiohead’s “15 Step” came on during the end credits, I promptly grabbed the trusty iphone and started investigating this Twilight world. I HAD to know, right then and there, what was going to happen to those two. Luckily, I stumbled upon a thread on some random website that gave me all the answers from the final book. Whew. I could sleep that night.

But by morning, I was itching to read for myself. That Edward guy…something…about…him…

So after getting some good advice from a reader friend I trusted, I started in on New Moon. Then, three days later, I had Eclipse in my hot little hands. Then, less than 24hours later, I was launching into Breaking Dawn, which was finished, sadly, this morning at 8:15am. Hum…luckily, knowing that I couldn’t quit the Cullens cold turkey, I had decided halfway through Breaking Dawn to read Twilight after I finished. Odd, I know, but I loved them so much that I wanted to meet them all again from the beginning.

As I flipped through Twilight this morning and thought about this strange addiction, a thought occurred to me. I realized who Edward from the movie reminded me of. Morrissey with a side of River Phoenix! And who are these two men to me? Well, and I know I’m really showing my age here, but Morrissey was one of my first loves. I couldn’t have been more than 12 years old when I fell for him—his velvety voice, his thick hair, his strong jaw, I could go on...And then there’s River. Probably, as teen crushes go, he was THE crush for me…. And if that Edward guy wasn’t the 21st century version of Morrissey/River...? damn.

It all clicked. And I felt a bit better about myself. I didn’t like the idea that I could fall for a fictional character who was all of 17 years old. I liked myself even less for falling for the guy who plays him in the movie. He’s what? 23? Good God, that’s 10 years younger than me! But if I was just drudging up old crushes in a new light? Well, that was alright with me. Besides, Morrissey is still my senior, so it's not like I'm lusting after this 17 year old child, right? Right.

Anyway, I write all this—I confess all of this—so that one day Hayvn will understand why I went a week without eating, really sleeping or hardly playing with him. Lucky for me, the kid won’t remember this period of his life. And, God willing, I will never find myself so uncontrollably consumed again with a piece of fiction. But, in the off chance that this does leave a scar on him, here’s my pitiful excuse. I blame it all on Morrissey and River Phoenix.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

iPhone Summer of Love

Last winter my phone died. I think letting Hayvn use it as a chew toy was another example of good idea/bad idea. Anyway, it died and I went without one for a very. long. time. I used my work phone to stay connected, but it never felt right. We just didn't harmonize, he and I. Well, when June rolled around and Apple released its 3rd generation iphone do you know what my beloved husband offered to do? He offered me his first generation iphone, telling me that he, begrudgingly, would go ahead and take the new iphone. What a man. At first I was apprehensive. I mean, those iphones are fancy. They've got gadgets and apps that bewilder me. And who has time to play with them all? Well, I know someone who does, but that's hardly the point here...But, just as I did with the trusty ipod (and just like Jeremy told me I would), I fell hard for my newish iphone. I love all of its features that I use daily, especially the camera. It's sweet. Anyway, here are some fun shots captured during my new summer-o-iphone...we really do make a good pair.

H's first beesting--on his lip! hard day for mama and baby

H in his new front yard, realizing that the garden hose is pretty cool

Jess enjoying (i think) a much deserved fruity martini for her birthday

H napping (or bronzing) on his Uncle Jonny's lap during a very exciting garage sale at the Broyles

the Broyles Boys goofing it up at the LO 'bucks

H with one of his favorite people--Tia Lealah!

a sand 'stache

H and his good buddy Eli rolling in the sand

first summer of swim lessons...H isn't so sure about all this water business...

at least they had some decent toys

J and I are gonna make H a hiker if it kills all three of us

happy face on the way to yosemite

camping means H gets really dirty and more in touch with his inner euro baby

the Broyles Boys making some backseat fun while stranded on some highway

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 you miss us?

i want to start out this LONG OVERDUE post by admitting a few things. 1) We moved to Los Osos in April. 2) Hayvn turned ONE in May. 3) Hayvn started walking on July 8th (an early gift for Jess' bday). And 4) i think i've come to terms with my hatred over blogs and blogging. i don't facebook. i don't twitter. and while i claim that i don't do these things because what i really want is more real intimacy with my friends who do, i ultimately think that my absence is due in large part to my belief that the goings on of my little family are of little interest to people outside of our immediate circle. i could be wrong. i could be right. regardless, i think that i'll venture to say that everyone could benefit from seeing more hayvn. i know i always can. and i apologize for keeping him from you.

so, with that said, i think i'll dip my toes back into the blogging realm, hoping that my posts reach friends/family who we don't see nearly enough.

as a little teaser of more to come, here are some shots of hayvn that our friend anna took on his 1st birthday! to say i'm still in shock over his rapid growth and maturity would be stating the obvious. i think i'm beginning to understand why people have more than one kid...they grow up so darn fast you seek to slow it all down by repeating the process. i can't say we're there, but dang boy, ease up on the growing up!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So Hayvns favorite thing is to get naked and be thrown into the pillows (not unlike his dad) before bathtime. We've always been a bit sketchy about a naked baby on our bed without protection but he has been ok so far, until the other night when this happened.

Monday, February 9, 2009

If this picture doesn't melt your heart, then you obviously don't have one.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The flighty....Ever elusive.....LOS OSOS! (cue sexy flamenco music)

When asked over the course of the past few years whether we would join our friends to live in the sweet hamlet of Los Osos I would tilt back my head in a proud and assured way and say "Ha! Me?! I live in downtown San Luis Obispo!". No I wouldn't be so pretentious, but it's how I've felt. Living in San Luis has become a bit of an identity for Sarah and me, so much so that the very thought of moving out to b.f.e. made us cringe. But now, here we are, desperately trying to find a house in this partially erected town. Really, who were the bunch of back ass ward cowboys that set up that place!? I guess most of them didn't think too much of street lamps and paved roads let alone making a road run all the way through from one end to another. But none the less, Sarah and I find ourselves drawn to this place. We love the way it feels like one of the silent, hidden northern California beach towns that we've grown to love during our travels up and down hwy 1 in between her brothers house in Half Moon Bay. I can't wait to start surfing again and go on hikes and maybe lose some weight! But this feisty bear-lady will have none of us! Twice our attempts to move out there have been thwarted. The first time, we found a cute house on Manzanita that was great but the owners were kinda weird ( not all that uncommon from what I've been led to belive). The second time we actually went through a property management group and were welcomed with open arms to a cute house on Woodland, until the home owner decided to put the house on the market....three weeks before we were suppose to move...really! now?! Why will this mercurial temptress have none of us?! ( Sarah didn't help me with grammar...I'm smart). Our haughty ways have turned her heart against us! She has seen where we come from and is jealous of our signs with the street names printed on them, the lights that illuminate roads, roads with a mysterious hard black surface, roads that aren't interrupted by a shanty house or another road randomly placed in its way...cell phone service. But we humble ourselves before you and ask that you open your gates to us, you great and terrible Los Osos!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This one is for Jess

Our friend Jessica Brown is awesome. She handles 3 kids and a busy husband and she's good at it too. She is really funny and doesn't like it when people come up to her at farmers and ask for crazy donut requests. she likes to make those people look dumb after they've left the booth of course. She'll tell you to pick up after your dog too. She is on the look out for houses in Los Osos for us to rent. she's a great friend. Oh! and she can't keep her eyes open for pictures. she's great and we love her!