Thursday, October 9, 2008

[Pushes Husband off his soapbox]

We're getting fired up in the Davenport household...and not in a good way. In a way that wakes us up early in the morning and seems to stay with us as we try to fall asleep at night. I wish this could be a cute post about our most adorable boy (cause, honestly, he is the sweetest most adorable little man ever), but, alas, it is not.

This post is about lying. I hate lying. Lying, to me, is the worst form of disrespect. It's telling the person you're lying to that either 1) you don't care enough about them to be truthful, or 2) that you think they aren't bright enough to seek or understand the truth, or that 3) they're not strong enough to handle the truth. Whichever message you're trying to relay, let me assure you, none of them are acceptable.

Now, I'm about to venture into territory I always swore I'd stay away from in these types of public arenas...are you ready?...politics. Yuck. Having grown up in a very political home, my step-father having been a small time politician (County Supervisor), I know a bit about the game...on both sides of the aisle (as they say). My mother was/is a democrat and my ex-step-father (and father for that matter) was/is a republican. Let me just say this--watching 60 minutes during dinner sometimes led to some heated conversations which resulted in either the throwing of silverware or someone storming out of the room in disgust. Some might think that this would cause me to hate politics, and they'd be right about some aspects of politics. But what it also did for me, and what I appreciate to this day, was that it engaged me. It led me to believe that opinions matter. My opinion matters. It taught me that if you don't show up and participate in the debate, then you aren't worth the American soil you stand on. It also showed me how difficult it is to really reach across the aisle, cause, let's be honest, the two sides differ DRASTICALLY.

But, getting back to lying, what growing up in a political home taught me the most is that you gotta respect your opponent. You gotta believe that they have a right, a voice and an opinion that at least deserves your respectful engagement. So when a candidate lies to me it always prickles my 'hey, that's not fair' hair on the back of my neck. It causes me to take a second look at that person and ask, "why are you disrespecting me? Why are you assuming that I'm either too stupid or too lazy to find out the truth?"

As my little family and I engage in this historical election (gotta love that Hayvn's first presidential election will result in either an African American president or a female veep), we do so with an eager ear to the facts. And I gotta tell you, sometimes those facts get harder to hear among all the crap they're trying to sell us.

So, let me encourage all of you (all 3 of you who may stumble upon our blog from time to time), don't let some one or some group tell you who to vote for this November 4th. I'm getting really tired of the, "Well I always vote this way" or "That's who my [insert organization here] tells me to vote for" mentality. That's weak and lazy...and, honestly, irresponsible. This is too important, folks. This election calls--no it DEMANDS--that we all dig deeper. That we all click onto and REALLY look at who's telling the truth and who's lying. Just as we all learned in Kindergarten--lying is bad.


The Avilas said...

i love chocolate croissants. and that's no lie.

ParadisoPerDue said...

yay for you!!!

Soderin Family said...

ooh, i love chocolate croissants too!

we should always look for truth and not just believe what we hear. I totally agree. I personally cannot vote for a someone to lead our country who believes in things I do not. It just doesn’t settle well with me. What has really bugged me lately is the media. They try to spin EVERYTHING. I think they should let Americans decide for themselves how to interpret what they hear from the candidates themselves.

Ok, I'm ready for some pics of Hayvn!

Miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Amen sista (in-law)! xo

skylana said...

well first of all, dont belittle yourself, because obviously at LEAST 5 people read your blog! secondly, if you hate lying, we should hang out.. cause i dont even lie when i think i probably should... and i totally agree, its shocking that people do just take what some other person tells them and follows it blindly... maybe its cause i've never been good with authority that i dont relate to that, but it freaks me out.

Wendy Moira Angela Darling said...


Thanks for the motivation!

(I came here from the Avilas via The Accidental Traveler).

Laura said...

Halla! I love it, I'm over the whole, I'm not going to really think this through and examine the facts mentality myself.