Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Fall Action

There's lots to get to, so let's get going...

Think Blue?

So Hayvn had his first big day at the ballpark on Sept 20th. That's dodger stadium. What a night. Four months old and already rooting on the boys in blue. You should know that Hayvn's Great Grandpa, Walt (a.k.a Pa), was a huge Dodgers fan. When getting ready for Hayvn's first ballgame, Mama had to school Daddy on the fact that Hayvn, who is named after said Great Grandpa, would not be rooting for the Giants that night. Daddy, a Giants fan simply because the boys hail from the City of his heart, San Francisco, was not happy...but he had to concede when he saw there really was no way to win. Hayvn would bleed Dodger blue, just like Pa...and just like his aunt jenny for that matter (who lovingly made Hayvn's first dodgers' outfit!)

First Time on the Sticks

Aw, a proud papa got to hand his boy his first set of drum sticks (albeit, they were for a toy drum). Hayvn doesn't have much rhythm yet (still trying to get that 'control my flailing limbs' piece down), but daddy's got hope...

First Trip to the City

If you know anything about jeremy and i, then you know we left our hearts in SF years ago when we left our home there to move back to the Central Coast. It was a good move, don't get me wrong, but for us, SF will always be the home of our hearts. since moving, we try to get back there at least a few times a year. and i've never thought it was mere coincidence that my birthday happens to fall in October, the BEST month in the City, meaning that an annual birthday trip is always a must. this year we got to take our little man along for the ride. it was so much fun to watch his eyes grow wide and light up looking at all the sights. for a little guy who loves people, the City was the perfect place for him. people couldn't get enough of his yummy sweetness.

a little silliness in the Curiosity shop...

giving a trolley car a raspberry...hayvn's signature move.

some giggles on the Land's End of the most beautiful spots in all the world.

First Pumpkin Patch

a baby amongst baby pumpkins...cute as heck.

First Halloween

so, little bear inspired the selecting of his first halloween costume--a teddy bear! it was almost too much for this mama to see him all dressed up--he was just so dang cute that i almost squeezed the stuffing outta him a couple of times.

mama and baby at farmer's market. talk about stimulation overload...candy, costumes and crazies are the perfect recipe for Farmer’s Rage. good thing this madness happens only once a year.

Hayvn's Baby Dedication

Surrounded by lots of family and friends, we were able to give thanks to the Lord for Hayvn, and to our friends, family and church for all the prayers said for him before he was even realized. our little one is the product of lots of prayer, for sure.

First Time in a Voting Booth

Mama and hayvn helped make history!

First Time in the Crib

After five months and three weeks, we decided to stop using hayvn's expensive crib as storage space for baby crap and decided to start using it to house said sleeping baby. this picture is of his first nap in his crib, in his own room. Consequently, he spent that night in his crib as well and has been in the crib for the last three nights. now when mama gets up three times a night, she's gotta go all the way to his this, i imagine hayvn cunningly twisting his little hands together while chuckling softly to himself, "hehehehe..."

Well, that's all, folks! it's been quite a fall...and i'm sure the holiday season will be just as eventful. our little bear turns six months old on the 28th and we just can't believe it. it's been such a bittersweet journey so far...sweet watch him grow and learn, but sad having to say good-bye, so quickly, to his little newborn self.
...stay tuned to the blog, cause we're trying rice cereal on thanksgiving...can't you just feel the excitement?

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