Thursday, August 6, 2009

iPhone Summer of Love

Last winter my phone died. I think letting Hayvn use it as a chew toy was another example of good idea/bad idea. Anyway, it died and I went without one for a very. long. time. I used my work phone to stay connected, but it never felt right. We just didn't harmonize, he and I. Well, when June rolled around and Apple released its 3rd generation iphone do you know what my beloved husband offered to do? He offered me his first generation iphone, telling me that he, begrudgingly, would go ahead and take the new iphone. What a man. At first I was apprehensive. I mean, those iphones are fancy. They've got gadgets and apps that bewilder me. And who has time to play with them all? Well, I know someone who does, but that's hardly the point here...But, just as I did with the trusty ipod (and just like Jeremy told me I would), I fell hard for my newish iphone. I love all of its features that I use daily, especially the camera. It's sweet. Anyway, here are some fun shots captured during my new summer-o-iphone...we really do make a good pair.

H's first beesting--on his lip! hard day for mama and baby

H in his new front yard, realizing that the garden hose is pretty cool

Jess enjoying (i think) a much deserved fruity martini for her birthday

H napping (or bronzing) on his Uncle Jonny's lap during a very exciting garage sale at the Broyles

the Broyles Boys goofing it up at the LO 'bucks

H with one of his favorite people--Tia Lealah!

a sand 'stache

H and his good buddy Eli rolling in the sand

first summer of swim lessons...H isn't so sure about all this water business...

at least they had some decent toys

J and I are gonna make H a hiker if it kills all three of us

happy face on the way to yosemite

camping means H gets really dirty and more in touch with his inner euro baby

the Broyles Boys making some backseat fun while stranded on some highway


Soderin Family said...

great pics! you guys need to come over for a playdate asap!

ParadisoPerDue said...

Those pics are great!!!!!! I haven't been on here in AGES so it was nice to come onto blogger and catch up on pics of my favorite mini Davenport! He's sooooo adorable!!!